This only applies to students who were migrated on Dec 1 2020.

If you have purchased Lifebook Online and Lifebook Mastery, you will still continue having access to them on the Mindvalley platform. Lifebook Online will be remaining with Mindvalley. However, a new version of Lifebook Mastery will also be created in the new Lifebook platform. Any future updates to the Lifebook Mastery program will only happen on the Lifebook platform.

All content currently in the Lifebook Membership has already been migrated to the new platform. You will continue having access to your Lifebook Membership content until the end of your subscription which has already been cancelled for you.

We will continue uploading content to the Mindvalley platform until the end of 2020. Afterwhich, we will only upload new content on the new platform moving forward.

The Lifebook Membership Facebook group will also be archived at the end of 2020. If you had access to it before, you will still continue having access, but, you will not be able to engage in it anymore.

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