Before you read on, please check whether your subscription was done via the Lifebook Platform or via the Apple/Google App Stores.

If you signed up on Apple Store or Google Play store, your subscription is managed by Apple / Google and not by us. Please click on the following links to learn how to manage your subscription.



For Subscriptions still on Trial through the Lifebook Platform

Unfortunately, we are unable to toggle your subscription between Annual and Monthly while you're still on trial. But here's what you can do.

1) Unsubscribe from your current plan from your Billing Page

2) Log into your account again, you'll be prompted to select a new subscription plan.

3) Select Monthly or Annual based on your desired plan.

You're all set!

For Subscriptions purchased through the Lifebook Platform

To change your subscription between Annual and Monthly,

1. Go to "Your Purchases" in your profile settings.

2. Select your active subscription

3. Scroll down and click on "Switch to Monthly (or Annual) Subscription"

Your change will only take effect AFTER your current subscription period. This means, if you are currently on a monthly plan and your next renewal is on Feb 1 2021, your annual plan will only start on Feb 1 2021 and not immediately.

For annual users, this means your change to a monthly plan will only start at the end of your annual subscription.

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